Enjoy the best airplane games on your mobile. Every time you see in the news a plane crashing and crashing a plane downloading the airplane games, we can change human nature. Flying is a human dream. And there are a lot of people who like to crash or fly airplanes on their Android mobile. There are a lot of games on airplanes for fun. We created a list with the top ten aircraft games in Android, with apps like aircraft, Aircraft Combat 1942, STRIKERS 1945-3, Historical Landings, Absolute RC Simulator, Zombie Gunship, Mortal Skies 2, Air control. The best airplane games for Android.


We start the list with one of the most acclaimed flight simulators on Android. Plane! It is a simple simulator with just the right level of control and difficult to feel a complete immersion in the rear cabin of a passenger plane or a cargo plane, but not to the point of going crazy and that the only fun is the crash. Fly from side to side, take off and land safely, and feel like a real pilot. It’s free. The pilot became the symbol of the seat belt. Things are going to go wrong. Someone let the engines run, and now you have a chance to fly your plane. Landing as you can allow you to have all the fun that big boys have by stealing their aircraft from an airport to delivering freight and passengers. It is not necessary to spend a few days at the Flying School.

Aircraft Combat 1942

Have you ever imagined that you could use a smart strategy in the air combat game to become much more fun?

That was one of the main ideas when we made the 1942 fighter jets! Not only could you show your intelligent way of fighting your enemy, but you also have different weapons to fight in any situation.download the game for free. Warplanes ww2 -17 in true history. A variety of powerful weapons and a simple aircraft control system.


1999, join the last war to save the world. The last fighter aircraft from the F-22 to the F-117 is waiting for you. Don’t miss many battles with players from around the world, unlike arcade.

We invite you to play the last arcade of the 20th century, with different levels of difficulty for all. Supports multiplayer battles against players from around the world in fierce battles of up to 4 players.

Fighter Wing 2

We started with a classic. A World War II aircraft simulator, with very successful graphics and multiplayer mode. We will be able to improve the weapons of our aircraft, and we will have open and realistic battlefields where we can destroy our enemies. There are several missions and even a tutorial. The game Fighter Wing 2 can be found for free, with purchases in the app, on Google Play.

Air Navy Fighla Air Force

Air Navy Fighters is situated between a simulator and an action game, in which you will be at the controls of a real fighter aircraft. You can customize your missions by choosing the type of target, the aircraft to fly, the weather, or the take-off and landing area. But that’s not all: this simulator allows you to design maps of the places you will fly over, with their mountains, plains, and seas, with realistic 3D graphics.

Historical Landings

A fascinating flying experience. Enjoy flying World War II airplanes in an exciting adventure, if you like World War II airplanes, then you need to download the game for Android Historical Landings. Sit at the controls of a real Grumman F7F Tigercat and discover the different missions they offer, from the simple takeoff and landing to the escort of a large suitcase in enemy airspace.

Sky Gambler

And if you want to go back a little bit further in time, you better download Sky Gamblers. Emulate the Red Baron in one of those fantastic two-and three-winged first World War planes and navigate the skies through amazing landscapes to chase your enemies and bring them down before they bring you down. You can play in campaign mode with twelve missions or shoot down players from around the world in multiplayer mode online.

Absolute RC Simulator

An aircraft simulator of a slightly different type, because it involves putting you at the controls of a radio-controlled aircraft. Aeromodelism is more than a fashion, and Absolute RC Simulator is the Android game for lovers of this hobby. You have different models of airplanes and helicopters to fly in the park with incredible acrobatics, a game with excellent graphics and, most importantly, if you crash, no one dies.

Infinite Flight Simulator

Is Price 3.67? But we will be able to manage 35 different aircraft of the brands Airbus, Boeing, etc. Fourteen large regions where we will be able to travel calmly and a navigation system that has no other simulator for Android. Autopilot, replica system, time, weight and balance configuration… if we were to keep one and you’re not afraid to spend a few euros, Infinite Flight Simulator is yours.

Zombie Gunship

And as what’s fashionable is the theme of zombies, the Limbic had the Happy idea of uniting zombies and airplanes in the same game. Zombie Gunship® places you in the gunboat seat of a heavily armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft and fire your powerful weapons to kill endless waves of zombies and protect the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse! You will be in command of a fighter jet in which you will handle heavy artillery to prevent an infestation of zombies from killing the world. Different and entertaining missions that will bring your adrenaline to its maximum.

Fatal Skies 2

Mortal Skies is based on the game typical of fighter aircraft. 1950, the Second World War never ended, and German and Japanese forces conspired to attack the free world. You will see yourself flying a World War II aircraft on a battlefield with a zenith view. Mortal Skies 2 is an action game classic arcade Shoot Em Up with amazing graphics.